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“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” (Mrs Beeton)

Make the most of your space

Right now, everyone needs an optimally organised home that supports and nurtures them to cope with the unfolding crisis. To make the most of your home now you need it to do so much more than usual.

Amazing changes happen when you declutter your home. A new energy emerges from beneath the clutter. Most people feel a surge of power and often significant things start to shift. Just imagine what this could mean in your life. As you get rid of the old and make room for the new, you may find family relationships improve, and new possibilities open up at work and in life.


General Organising

Your entire home or just a particular space that bothers you



Streamline, store and display your clothes practically and atractivelly. 



No matter how big or how small your personal space is, we help you use every inch of it in smart, effective ways. 

Kitchen Organisation

Simplify your life by utilize innovative cabinet organizers and shelves. 




Silvia Bedin

Professional Organiser

After years working as a lawyer, I decided to devote my time to doing what I love most--organising!


Bruna Bedin

Professional Organiser

As a professional home organiser and  nutrition health coach, I can transform any room in your home and organize your kitchen with health in mind.

Our Prices


We work on-site in three-hour sessions, which is the perfect amount of time to complete a project, but not so much time that either of us is exhausted at the end.

Our First Class Package consists of 9 hours on site, divided into 3 three-hour sessions, and includes:

    • Your personalized action plan

    • Hands-on organizing

    • Product and resource recommendations

    • Support between sessions via e-mail

    • Investment:  £150.  You save £12!

By the Session.  If you prefer to pay for each session separately,  you may do so for an investment of  £54 per three-hour session.   

Payment is required at the end of each session. 


"We came back to a very clean and much tidier home - thanks for organising the kitchen draws that were somewhat jumbled and now have tea towels beautifully rolled up Marie Kondo style!"

Sue, London 

"The house was spotlessly clean and extremely tidy. I would have them back in second. Excellent. Thank you for your attention to detail."

Eileen, Basingstoke

"Very responsible, kind, communicated well, kept the house tidy and our cats were very happy and chilled on our return. We would use them again without any hesitation. They did a great job!"

Sarah, Chelmsford


Ready to get started?

Thank you!

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